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What is relationship coaching with CJ Westyn like?


CJ has been through the dating trenches. He’s been in committed relationships, long distance relationships and has (for the time being) chosen to be single. He has also provided extensive dating advice and relationship coaching to individuals and couples of all ages. CJ can help you in meeting the challenges and roadblocks presented by the common and not so common issues that arise in dating and relationships.

CJ wants to help you achieve happiness. He wants to see your dating and love life flourish. CJ also helps people learn about their dating and relationship goals through learning about themselves. Let’s face it. Some of us just don’t know what we want and it could take some guided introspection to find out.

All problems and issues are welcome in CJ’s dating and relationship coaching practice.

If you’re single and need help with dating, CJ can offer you advice that will help you get those dates you’ve been so desperately looking for. He can provide you with direct dating advice and serve as your personal relationship coach.

If you’re in a relationship and think things are falling to pieces, CJ can help you restore or cope with your issues. If there are other obstacles affecting your relationship such as anxiety, addiction, family problems, etc…, CJ can help you meet those challenges successfully with courage and confidence.

CJ offers dating advice and relationship coaching for individuals and couples. Feel free to leave a question in the “Ask CJ” section. He’ll get back to you with some helpful dating and relationship advice. Sometimes if you tweet him enough, he’ll just keep in touch with you out of the kindness of his heart. Please send an inquiry or sign up to receive the email newsletter to connect with CJ so he can learn more about you and your love life.