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Relationship Coaching and Dating Advice With CJ Westyn


CJ Westyn is an independent dating and relationship coach. He offers relationship coaching and dating advice via Skype, phone and in person sessions. He is affiliated with Date Camp®, based in Denver, CO. CJ is a regular contributing author to Thought Catalogue, Digital Romance, Inc and The SW Experts.

Through his writings and relationship coaching, CJ’s mission is to move his clients forward through overcoming the uncomfortable yet inherent challenges in human relationships.

Dating and relationships can present stressful and difficult challenges. We all know that problems arise for a variety of reasons. CJ will help you meet these issues with knowledge and confidence. His relationship coaching has proved to be invaluable in the success of the many couples and families he has worked with throughout his career.

CJ has a professional background in the counseling field and has spent years working with couples and individuals, providing professional therapy, dating advice and relationship coaching.

He holds an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Scranton and has been involved in several media ventures, including co-hosting Intuidate Radio® with Medium and Medical Intuitive Marisa Liza.

Providing dating advice and relationship coaching has been CJ’s specialty since he has started his career in the counseling field. He has worked for agencies and and is now in private practice.

CJ’S relationship coaching methods are holistically centered to fit each person or couple, seeking to find the personalized issues that present challenges and block the path to successful and healthy relationships.

CJ can offer you hope in finding the person you’re meant to be with or with pushing through difficult issues that may have arisen in your relationship. His relationship coaching and dating advice are unique in that CJ is able to incorporate humor and light heartedness into such a critical effort.

CJ has offices in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Princeton, New Jersey and Denver, Colorado. He conducts sessions via Skype, phone or in person. CJ holds an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University Of Scranton.